What’s for lunch?

This question has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing when it’s been addressed to my mom while I’m vacationing in Calcutta. A curse when it’s directed to my maid, only because she answers the question with the same question! So I asked my friends (the non-imaginary ones) this question and here are the replies they sent me. My friends are hugely indulgent! I think you might like them.

From Bangalore, Allen

Allen, has several tattoos, a large heart, a beautiful dog and a stunning blog called bowtiesandbones.wordpress.com. He lives in Bangalore, but has left his heart in Bandra.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Allen?

Allen: Mutton biryani at this joint called Donne Biryani. In Koramangala Bangalore. It’s served in a leaf that’s shaped like a bowl.

From London, Shan

Shan lives and loves in London- scrolling through tiny travels exploring and discovering little, funky, organic joints for food, fashion and architecture.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Shan?

Shan: Went to The Palomar and ate seared scallops with cured lemon Beurre blanc, Swiss chard easy over, Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut tulle and for dessert halva cream brownie served with Italian meringue, cardamom marshmallow and spiced poached pear.


From San Francisco, Roohi

Roohi and I worked in Dhaka a year ago and she’s currently chilling in San Francisco after her trip to Africa, we’ve been trying to set up a Skype date unsuccessfully for months, and we’ll get there!

Abhik: What’s for lunch Roohi?

Roohi: Cappuccino,macchiato, avocado toast cronut and pancakes with grilled peaches


From New York, April

April is a philanthropist and passionate global humanitarian who actively engages in international issues of education, poverty, gender equality and loves having a grand ‘ol time while she’s at it.  She’s been travelling with her daughters and here’s what they’ve been feasting on.

Abhik: What’s for lunch April?

April: Gluten free fusilli pasta with pecorino and spinach–Amaranth, Upper East Side, New York and Jalapeño basil margarita, Oysters with 3 sauces, lemon lime, shallot red wine, vinaigrette, olive oil vinaigrette and seared steak tacos, cilantro, chili and lime.  Habanero hot sauce–incredible!

13 year old @sloanalexa sent me her brunch picture from Jacks Wife Freda, west village, NYC- Mediterranean Breakfast of 2 eggs any style, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread and orange blossom pancakes with yogurt, orange marmalade, granola and honey.


From Amsterdam, Kankakee

Kankakee lives in Amsterdam and runs an artistic initiative called KAIA COLLECTIVE where she and her partner attempt to break the limits between dance and theatre.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Kankakee?

Kankakee: Pumpkin and fennel risotto with pachphuran. Broiled mackerel with garlic, ginger, chilli, parsley, smoke in sesame oil

Lieblich port Gies Scher rose. Mixed berry tarts (that came later and hence not in the picture).


From Bombay, Amrita

Amrita makes #baconjam and is an excellent storyteller, she rustles up beautiful looking food and teaches others how to do so, too. Follow her on Instagram at your own risk! Oh, Amrita and I love our taxi dates, which involve kababs.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Amrita?

Amrita: Methi matar malai Sabzi with chapatti and a homemade pizza.

From London, Devika

Devika makes amazing food and is currently learning how to make her amazing food #AmazeBing at Le Gordon Bleu, in London.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Devika? (because you’re in London, …and for tea!?)

Devika: Kimchi pancake, pork belly, fried duck egg, BBQ creme fraiche at Caravan at Kings Cross, London. It’s a cafe in an old grain store.

Tea: Apple pie I made at Le Cordon Bleu and had a slice of it at home.

From Calcutta, Premankur

Premankur is a principal correspondent at the Indian Express and lives in Calcutta. He shares the most insightful and invigorating pop culture references on his Facebook wall, for which I love him!

Abhik: Whats for lunch Premankur?

Premankur: Radhuni diye ilish maach, chingri malai curry, moong dal, kumro phooler bora!


From Melbourne, Ramya

Ramya is a passionate philosopher who has travelled to fifty countries. She travels light, loves breaking glass bottles and is obsessed with cricket.
Abhik: What’s for lunch Ramya?

Ramya: lazy Sunday brunch in Melbourne – latte and Turkish bread with mushrooms, goats curd, rocket and dukkah.

From Bombay, Aniket

Aniket just got home after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, he’s at the advent of his own food show launching shortly on YouTube. You never want to say no to him when he invites you home for lunch.

Abhik: What’s for lunch Aniket?

Aniket: Farfalle with arabiata and lardons with a tomato and parsley bread and a Cabernet Sauvignon

From Bangalore, Nimisha

Nimisha is a medical microbiologist, a blogger and from the looks of it an excellent cook as well!

Abhik: What’s for lunch Nimisha?

Nimisha: A simple lunch of chapatis, rice, gulab jamuns, cabbage sabzi, masoor ki rassedar sabzi, Varan (plain dal)  and tawa fried potatoes and sweet and sour mango curry in the centre of the plate.

From Calcutta, The Bhattacherji Family

My family’s love for well-set lunch tables is legendary. We lunch like our lives depend on it. It’s frankly nothing short of a feast. Every single time. Last Sunday my aunt threw a luncheon at her home and the family congregated at her lunch table. I didn’t get around to asking what they had for dessert, only because I wasn’t going to get any anyway!

Abhik: What’s for lunch family?

Family: Mutton curry, tandoori chicken, porothas, white rice, paneer kofta (which my dad calls panic koftas) and salad.


Email me your lunch, I’m going to feature more lunch tables from around the world. Don’t forget to send me a picture and what you ate at abhikabhik@gmail.com

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