The other day at work, my friend Gayatri (remember, I travelled with her to Nepal for Mountain Madness) proclaimed that she was going to cook a no-oil, no-carb dinner for dinner. Well, I have trust issues so I bullied her into taking pictures of her meal and she did!

I’d make an awful blogger if I didn’t immediately decide to cook this myself at home and share the recipe with you, my lucky readers. So here’s how you can make a no-oil, no-carb zoodle dinner. I made mine vegetarian because I had a vegetarian friend over (yes, I do have quite a few vegetarian friends, I’m very inclusive you see).

First I went and bought myself a zoodle maker from Pali Market. Which is a simple enough piece of machinery that helps julienne your yellow and green zucchini. Once you’ve got your zoodles, put a plastic wrap around it and forget about it till dinner time.

This meal takes about 25 minutes to make and tastes ridiculously yummy and like Gayatri and I say no-oil, no-carb!

I got out my new chopping board and chopped up (as roughly and unsystematically as my OCD allowed).

  • Portobello mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Eggplant
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Scallions
  • Green pepper
  • Lemongrass
  • (I could add fish, chicken, lamb, pieces of spicy chorizo, beef, pork, but I didn’t)

See how fetching it all looks!

Now in a hot-ish pan, throw in the garlic, the lemon grass and the red curry paste. Saute this for 5 minutes. Add the vegetables, toss them around like your life depends on it. Let them brown and simmer and sizzle and condense and sweat and you get the picture! Add salt and pepper. Then you may, no you really must, empty a carton of coconut milk over the vegetables and pour in some water if you don’t like your curry to be very milky.

Put a lid on it and forget about it for 15 minutes.

To serve: Take your bowl of zoodles out, add some salt and pepper and put it in the microwave for about a minute. In individual bowls, put a portion of zoodles, pour the red curry, sprinkle scallions and sprouts and then sit with your friend and have a wonderful little catch-up meal.


If you do get around to trying this at home, do send me a picture and email me too, on abhikabhik@gmail.com

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