My Italian Last Supper

There is just one morbid thought that plagues me, haunts me, gives me the shudders and the shivers; and that is, what will my last meal on earth be? Will I die eating a Bengali meal at home or fried fish and cold beers by the beach or a triple cheese sandwich while stuck in traffic. Will I die after an Italian meal or an Asian meal or … well, it’s supremely unnerving thinking about it. Since I’m most certainly disco-dancing with Satan in Dante’s seventh circle of hell (reserved especially for the violent and guarded by a minotaur), I must eat the best meal before I put on my glitter-soaked-shoes and cross over from here to there.

So dear readers (that’s what I’m calling you?) here begins my series called My *insert yummy cuisine* Last Supper.


The story begins quite simply. It involves a red scooter, an early morning and a rusty (but very pretty) scooter driver Nikki. While balancing precariously on the scooter, holding on to her bright yellow shirt I learnt that she co-owns Mia Cucina. So when I was looking for my Italian last supper venue, Mia Cucina fit into my biblical scheme of things quite splendidly.


My love for Jamie Oliver had me practicing, experimenting and cooking up several Italian meals. Unfortunately, in Bombay, there aren’t many Italian restaurants, and no thank you I’m not going to an all vegetarian Italian restaurant. So my trip to Powai, to set up my last supper idea turned out grand. Chef Sanjay, very graciously brought several favourites to the dining table. I had a giant Cicchetti platter which had Pepperoni, marinated Feta, Prosciutto and a bread basket which contained freshly baked Focaccia. (If by divine providence I reach heaven, I’d love to feast on salamis, parma hams, bresaola, every imaginable cheese and bread too (please)).



Polenta e pollo spiedini (grilled chicken with polenta skewers) and Spidi di gamberi alla grigli (grilled prawn skewers with lime chilli mayo) added the much-needed protein to my table. Frankly, if it were the last thing I ate in this world, I would appreciate if they were easy to consume and in plenty. These grilled wonders, I had several of. The prawns and the chicken were lovely with Chardonnay and Sangria.


At my last meal, I would like to have sunshine, giant sunglasses, my dog and my appetite for company. And a pizza oozing with cheese to add crust and colour to my last supper.


Finally, I feed myself lamb balls with olives secretly tucked inside, Nutella filled panzerotti, chicken and spinach stuffed within crisp pastries, deep fried pickles, sweet corn and cheese nibbles. Of course, sparkling water with citrus fruits drowning in them saved me from choking, as I inhaled these rather quickly.


The question that begs to be asked, and I’m the one begging to answer it, is, who would I invite to my last supper(s)? While I can rattle off the names of the living and the dead, I don’t want to. I want absolutely the most beautiful and the most wonderful people sharing my Italian last supper. And maybe you, my readers, would you like to join me as I eat my last Italian meal, come  congregate around my dining table?


Mia Cucina has a crunchy monsoon bites menu starting. As soon as the rains come back to our city, dash there and indulge yourself. Address: G3 Transocean, Hiranandani Business Park, Lake Boulevard Road, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076. Phone:022 6709 4000. Hours 12:00 – 3:30 pm, 7:00 pm – 12:30 am.

Thank you to Chef Sanjay and Scooter girl Niki for inviting me to this faboosh meal.

Thank you Deepak and Tamara for taking all these incredible pictures.

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