Just on the street

My friends and I are travelling through South East Asia. And since I don’t like Bangkok very much, we decided to make a short transit before travelling through the region. Divya and I decided to wander around and eat street food, buy everything we saw and argue about the temperature inside our hotel room (she wanted an arctic 16 degrees and I wanted a more tropical 23 degrees).

For those of you, who know me, know that I am not a street-food sorta guy. I mean I’ll eat the occasional fhuchkaas while holidaying in Calcutta but you won’t catch me craving for anything more than that.

As we crossed the overhead bridge to climb into our air-conditioned hotel room. This woman was spotted grilling some strange dumpling. A smattering of raw mangoes and tropical fruits added colour and bite to her wares.


Breakfast was a quick decision, eggs, bacon, slivers of pork drowned in a palm sugar and pepper curry and well, a giant portion of carbohydrates (rice!). Oh! and the 7 Eleven across the street gave me an iced coffee.



Craving for some dessert, we walked across to a mall-esque place and sunk our faces into some –


We found all these delightful offerings on the streets and were very brave and sampled a few too! We had a choice of cuts from various animals. Their varied anatomical parts were skewered and grilled on little open-air carts and sold with gusto and pickles. Beef, pork, chicken, prawns competed with quail eggs, sausages and sweet coconut tacos.

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And if this wasn’t enough we greedily ate some more in the 12 hours that was our transit. I loved the idea of constructing my own ice-cream. There were stalls which offered you dragon fruit, lycées, corn, peaches, mangoes to dress your ice-cream with. And then a wonderful mother-son duo were grilling up sausages wrapped in bacon and garlic bread toasted in bacon fat. We did stop and worship at their altar.

IMG_3321IMG_3334 IMG_3337IMG_3428

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This will go down in culinary memory as the best street-food I’ve ever consumed. Coconut ice-cream in a coconut shell topped with corn, peanuts, lychees and slivers of coconut flesh. And for less than a dollar!

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Dinner presented us with crab meat omelettes, (crispy) stir-fried quail, a boar in lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, batter-fried prawns, ginger and garlic infused morning glory and Singha beers on ice.

I slept like a baby (in a 16-degree room), only to wake up and get on a cattle-class AirAsia flight to Phnom Penh. Thankfully, at 5 AM I had my coffee, dark chocolate crisps, and Donna Tarth to keep me from turning into a cranky little monster.


I’m travelling through Cambodia now, and taking notes and pictures of all the amazing Khymer cuisine I’m eating. More on that in my next post. Do you folks like street-food? Leave a comment or write to me at abhikabhik@gmail.com

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One thought on “Just on the street

  1. I’m not at all a street food person when I’m travelling, and definitely not when I’m passing through Bangkok, where it all looks and smells so dodgy. The only thing I ate from the roadside in Thailand was itimpad, which is basically ice cream made right in front of you. Have you tried those?

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