Thirsty No More

Truth be told I love beverages. More than beverages, I love time. Time to do more things that I really love.

So when I discover ways to maximize my time. I stop. And. I celebrate.

So let me gush about this fantastic new app(lication) called ThirstKart that you can download on your cell phone and then in literally the push of three buttons get your coffee or fresh juice delivered home. Instantly.

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But first indulge me and read some of my beverage peeves:

  1. I will never drink juice that comes out of mass produced packaging
  2. I judge a breakfast buffet by the juice selection
  3. Belvedere is my favorite flavour
  4. Fresh juice is best drunk with no sugar and controlled portions of alcohol.
  5. I drink because I am thirty (or thirsty)!

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And now here’s three reasons you should get this app(lication)  called ThirstKart and a beverage or six instantly delivered to your home!

  1. They instantly deliver fresh, healthy juices

* Juice is home before I have walked back from yoga class (sorry Pradeesh I’ve been missing quite a few these days)

* Juice is home, when I have unannounced friends for breakfast (Carina you just must come home for sardines toasties and melon juice)

* I get my vegetable fix in beverage format! (look ma!)

* Coconut water. Neatly packaged. Home delivered!

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  1. They pick up my coffee and my tea

* Saves me the always fake and always over-enthusiastic greeting from the barista

* I get my coffee or tea

* In bed!

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  1. They are constantly finding ways to solve my beverage need!

* Virgin cocktail mixes. Yes, now I can serve cocktails at home

* My body weight in ICE. Delivered.

* RAW Pressery juices delivered home

* I can even order water and soda when I have too many thirsty humans over for drinks

* Infused Waters. Hallelujah


  1. They have plans to Help End Thirst
    What’s not to love about a brand that’s so young but so committed to making a difference. Isn’t that A-grade karma right there!

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If you live in Bombay, please help your body and soul and download this app(lication) called ThirstKart:

Android users here:

Apple users here:

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Picture courtesy the forever faboosh Deepak and Tamara

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