We are all Eddies!

Bandra is a labyrinth made up of history, hysteria, and hope. (Think bomb shelter buildings beside vintage cottages, think heritage bakeries beside banal, modern franchises, think narrow lanes with impossibly large buses and even larger cars, think fisherwomen selling their daily catch as gym-tones divas and doorknobs walk past, think ridiculous rents and, even more, ridiculous deposits). Bandra has been evolving and adapting and making space for more. A quintessential melting pot influenced by everything and inhabited by all sorts. That is the tragedy and redemption of Bandra.

Nestled between a stationery store merging with a sooty garage on one side and a hole in the wall Bengali restaurant and a gastronomic disaster serving rolls and wraps on the other side, is Eddies. United by a polite crew of servers and chef, an affable proprietor and a menu in bizarre fonts, Eddies is where I go to read, work and/or share a drink or six with friends.

IMG_0108 copy

Eddies is all sorts of comfortable. The location from my home, the chairs, the outdoor smoking area, the food, the service, the air-conditioning, the glass panels, the screens with Fox Life playing. Comfortable. Maybe that’s why I walk down the road at noon to furiously finish some writing with a cup of tea and a bowl of mashed potatoes, or read a book with a glass of Merlot as company or congregate with friends to work through several beers, bottles of wine and rum and Diet Coke!

Whatever my reason, I have found a comfortable space in Eddies.

IMG_0016 copy

I read a lot of my short stories over lunch. Yes, day drinking has never really been a challenge I’ve faced. I love the seared black pomfret with red and green leaf risotto, red pepper sauce and corn puree obviously with a side of mashed potatoes and a New York Sour – bourbon, eggnog, and red wine. Khushwant Singh would have loved this indulgent backdrop to his simple yet profound series of short stories in The Mark of Vishnu.

I spend a lot of time writing and reading at Eddies, usually over a bowl of their Cacciatore stuffed to the brim with cherry tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms, and an enviable bread basket.

IMG_0023 copy

IMG_0027 copy

I can’t find my iPod anymore, it was with me for close to a decade, so this picture stands as a lovely tribute to it. Sigh. Here’s the last song I heard on it.


My cute as a button friend Allen from bowtiesandbones was hosting a fancy pants #barnight at Eddies and he joined me for lunch. I bullied him into posing!

IMG_0071 copy

Allen indulged in the aforementioned enviable bread basket and the side of veggies was frankly just decorative. He ate a  slow cooked pulled chicken (shaped into a plank!), far east sauce and bokchoy (along with his bread basket).

While I ate a chicken Leg with a delicious crispy skin, pan gravy, creamy semolina, beans and carrots and mashed potatoes! We loved the little carb carnival that occurred at our table.

IMG_0093 copy

Here’s an aerial-ish view of our luncheon.

IMG_0101 copy

Come to Eddies, they are polite, efficient and they have small and fat plates and enough yummy beverages to fuel all of Bandra. Come to Eddies with friends, come with your books, your laptop or your iPod, but come. It’s all kinds of welcoming and warm.

Eddies – Pali Hill, Bandra West 6, Silver Croft Building, 16th & 33rd Road Junction, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Thank you, Tamara and Deepak for the pictures!

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