At the table at The Table

The schizophrenically tiled  Royal Bombay Yacht Club has a delicious neighbour. The sort of neighbour you envy and admire. The Table is an excellent neighbor to have. They do insist you call before dropping in.  Their hospitality is spot on.  They serve you excellent food and wine, and if you’re nice, they might tell you stories and introduce you to the other family members. Aren’t hospitality and the serving of excellent food the most indispensable qualities of a good neighbour?

#SeventhBreakfast was invited to make a pilgrimage to downtown Bombay. I was particularly stoked to worship at the temple of organic, sustainable, locally grown cuisine that has changed the way that the First World eats. However, I was equally enthusiastic to meet Gauri Devidayal, who has set a cultural mood at The Table that leans comfortably on global standards. Everything on the premises from floor to fork, wall to wine has been handpicked/handmade from around the world and brought home to The Table.

Authentically sourced dinners are at their infancy in a city like Bombay. You can count the number of restaurants that serve you vegetables that have not been sitting in a freezer for six weeks. The Table – has their own organic farm across the murky Arabian Sea, so farm to fork is a genuine offering by them. The spinach that came along with my Ginger-Miso Vinaigrette Salmon was from the farm and tasted infinitely better than the spinach I fearfully buy from the Khar market.


Image Courtesy – The Table


Image Courtesy – The Table

With the jetty being a stone’s throw away from The Table, Gauri Devidayal, is transporting guests and fresh produce back and forth from her Alibaug farmhouse, with alarming alacrity. Here is the next one you could sign up for.

the table

Image Courtesy – The Table

I had the good fortune of spending a Friday morning with her. She is frankly, astounding. What she has been able to create with The Table is unlike what I have seen in the city. Sure, you do have lovely restaurants serving good food, but what you do not find is a story of a handsome dream brought to reality. (Although if you do, please do tell me.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.30.03 am

This Friday morning opened with the offer of me naming a beverage. It had fresh lemon and edible flowers muddled into a drink that tasted like bottled sunshine. Poured into an impish little glass with shards of ice and a monolithic stirrer. Each sip felt rejuvenating as Gauri involved me in the decision-making spree of what we would have for lunch.

Being of sound mind and empty stomach here is what I ate. THE SOBO SALAD, Grains & Greens, Chickpeas, Avocado, Feta, Pumpkin Seeds, Mustard Vinaigrette



(Brilliantly beautiful) BURRATA, Marinated Peppers & Hazelnuts, Kalamata Olives, Grilled Levain

IMG_0528 copy


(Truly addictive) GRILLED SHRIMP TACOS, Chili-Lime Mayo, Marinated Cabbage, Cilantro & Onion

IMG_0537 copy


(Melt-on-your-greedy-tongue) SALMON, Ginger-Miso Vinaigrette and a side of The Table Farm Spinach


(Here I can safely use every adjective to describe the god I worship) BLACK PEPPER & STRAWBERRY PAVLOVA, Sherry Cream, Yogurt, Strawberry Ice


IMG_0602 IMG_0567

Our lunch on the stunningly crafted Burma teak community table on a Friday afternoon.


IMG_0613 (1)

Call The Table and reserve yourself some essential real estate. It’s not only a beautiful dining space to eat at, here food is celebrated and made with wisdom, love and joy. Your taste buds will do cartwheels.

Ground Floor, Kalapesi Trust Building, Opposite Dhanraj Mahal, Below Hotel Suba Palace, Apollo Bunder Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039. (Phone) 022 2282 5001.

Thank you, Tamara and Deepak for the lovely pictures.

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