I’ve Bean Smitten!

Face it, when you wake up in the morning, the first thirty minutes determine the rest of the day. And there are two really good ways to energise yourself as you wake up. The first, 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation and the other, a cup of coffee. Do you have time for the former? NO. So what do you do? You make yourself a cup of instant coffee. One of my favourite writers described coffee as “black as night, sweet as sin” and I cannot help but dwell on the word sin. Every morning, more than a million humans around the globe are controlled by corporations. And that has got to be a sin in some part of our good lord’s heaven. I’ve sinned and fallen short of the glory of god many times. Two words – Instant coffee. Now there’s a lot wrong with instant coffee and the one that is the wrong-est is its taste. It tastes like petrol (bitter and acidic and has a terrible aftertaste!). And I’ve been drinking it non-stop for a decade. An instant Google search will tell you how many chemicals instant coffee contains, what’s horrific is how it’s manufactured – the supply chain of a corporate brand of coffee is dehumanised, to say the least.


I found two Indian coffee creators who work with coffee farmers, on single-estate plantations, ensuring water, wildlife, soil, and our climate get first priority. It really is nothing but authentically produced coffee. They treat coffee beans like human beings, with love, care and respect. Both Blue Tokai Coffee and Black Baza Coffee work hard to preserve biodiversity, something that is in dire need of being preserved. This has played a tremendous role in making me an informed, and a conscious coffee drinker. I no longer have to drink a cup of instant coffee with a shelf live of thirty-six months, exported across continents, in giant containers polluting the sea, made and packaged by machines and labourers, where the farmer must have received a pittance in comparison to what we end up paying.


Since I discovered Blue Tokai Coffee and Black Baza Coffee, I’ve been drinking coffee without it tasting like petrol, cynicism and guilt. They make delicious coffee and you must try a sip. Here’re a few of my favourite coffee drinking rituals!


There are some days I work from home, and I religiously submerge myself in art books, catalogues, croissants and espresso and write letters to everyone I love. Espresso by Blue Tokai’s Attikan Estate Arabica supplies all the company I need.


When I’m rushing to my employer(s), I must have a tall mug of Blue Tokai’s M.S. Estate in Chikmanglur drip filter coffee (Certified Organic Arabica). And listen to Cat Empire’s Never met a one like you, don’t bring me down. It’s an ode to my coffee and my youth!


I run thirty-three times annually, but I love Black Baza’s Pallakere Estate, Kodagu coffee which has a smoky-walnutty aroma to be my poison and my fuel.


And when I’m consuming freshly baked heart-attacks I love complimenting it with cigarettes, fresh flowers and a full and fruity coffee by Black Baza’s Agasteshwara and Karadigod Estates in Coorg.


Honestly, even the daftest human feels like a 30 under 30 Forbes entrepreneur after a cup of coffee. So get yourself that short-lived illusion with a cup of organic coffee. Now go to the good people at Blue Tokai and Black Baza and order some. It will help you transform traffic into lush meadows and give you the courage to ask haters to #LeaveThePremises Promise me you won’t be a douche and buy petrol in a jar?

Thank you @chooncraker for the music recommendation!

Thank you Deepak and Tamara for being wonderful photographers, as always!

Thank you Blue Tokai, for sending over coffee with my name on it I showed it of to everyone! Made me feel quite special.

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6 thoughts on “I’ve Bean Smitten!

  1. How posh that you’ve personalised stationery, aye?

    So glad to hear that you’re finally drinking proper coffee — hope you’ve scattered the instant ones all over the Bombay wastelands 😀

    Jokes aside, what a refreshing, honest blog you have here, with some gorgeous photos and layout. Keep it up!


  2. Awesome post, beautiful words and stunning images – thank you. I am not a coffee drinker (alas) and still appreciate your insights and the message you are sharing.

    I DO however practice TM (2x/day) and it is certainly MY top awake up, manifest my day action. Brilliant minds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Tracy thank you for the lovely message, TM is really what is helping me focus, I am so glad I practice it. 🙂 Brilliant minds indeed.


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