Pizza My Heart

The flavours at Fat Man’s Café & Grill’s ongoing Pizza Festival are so assertive that often a singular slice is enough. Between melty and crispy it manages to hit all the right notes. An afternoon spent tasting the non-vegetarian offerings was a plunge into carbohydrate heaven. Sitting amidst QuirkBox inspired interiors it was my responsibility as a self-proclaimed food blogger to bite into everything that was served.

Rajiv and the chef have successfully strayed far away from the original, classical Pizza. I guess the abandonment of the classic gives you room to play and have some fun. What you find at this Pizza festival is a large size, flavour filled, stuffed to the brim with all things (within reason) sorts of handmade pizza. They also succeed in serving up pizza that defies geometry – it literally comes to you in a hollowed out chunk of bread, in miniature format, and in a dough ball format! There are standout pizzas across the menu.


With a smile on my face, I trudged through countless drinks and endless pans and trays and deep dishes of Pizza. The Sloppy Joyes (admire the lack of an apostrophe) was outrageous, I mean they’ve hollowed out a hunk of bread, slathered it with a tomato concasse, filled it with vegetables and slices of ham, topped it with orange cheddar and sent it into a fiery oven. It isn’t as sloppy to eat as the name suggests. I left the edges of the bread but cleaned up the contents housed in the cave.

This Breakfast Pizza made a comeback. Remember my last post of Fat Man’s Cafe & Grill, of course, you won’t, here’s a link to refresh your memory. I love breakfast and so it was only appropriate to be served the Breakfast Pizza. Sunny side up, sausage, cheese on flatbread. Seventh Breakfast tastes exactly like this! I’d love to see how the chef could incorporate some melty butter atop this!


These cheeky looking Mini Pizza are a mighty mouthful. I promise you can safely guzzle a dozen of these. They come in Mozerrala, Chicken, Margarita & Vegetables. Stand up for delicious in all forms and order yourself a few of these.


This little beast had a crust that was pie-like, the sauce was snappy and the stuffing of spinach and the minced meat was oozy enough to carry you through to the next slice. I’d ask for some more of the tangy, salty cheese but then again I would sound very greedy, wouldn’t I?


These spicey-centered, filled-with-mince-and-cheese dough balls were a revelation in innovation. The Pizza Bombs detonate in your mouth, filling your eyes with tears and your setting your face on fire. I enjoyed these! I was sad that they used cheese abstemiously. I’d have loved more cheese, but then I would be labelled greedy, right?


Sharing a meal with Rajiv is like going to dinner with your crazy relatives. It’s fun and warm and welcoming. Of course, you successfully get drunk in no time. Fat Man’s Cafe & Grill has a distinctive vibe that makes meals eaten and drinks drunk there memorable. In fact, it revels in its simplicity, but packs in a banging mouthful for your buck. You’d be a fool to not drop in. If you are looking to eat a wholesome pizza, that’s not pish-posh and oh-so-gourmet then this is where you need to go. The ongoing Pizza & Beer festival is priced so well that you can eat a pizza and knock back two drinks for around one thousand rupees.

Of course, you love all these stunning pictures, the creative pixie behind them is the very punctual and extremely affable Assad. Follow him on Twitter here. I LOVE his YouTube channel so please take a look and he also blogs, (one of the 5 Indian blogs I love).

Fat Man’s Cafe & Grill –Address -Tian Building, 48 Gulmohar Road, Juhu, Mumbai. Phone Number – 022 26254446 (Table reservation recommended).



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