What’s For Lunch?

The trouble with my perfect life, currently, is that I eat, (sometimes drink), really long lunches. Mostly breakfast flows into lunch and is followed by a nap. Before you cascade jealousy and abuse on me, let me just say this perfect life is being traded for a teacher-writer life from January 2017. Apart from long lunches, I happen to have many friends, another troublesome trait of a perfect life. Periodically, I bully these friends into sending me various things, book recommendations, meditation reminders, their thoughts on the dark web, shoe designs, telephone numbers of plumbers and tailors and pictures of their lunch.

Ideally, I’d like to be eating lunch on a hammock, somewhere on the equator, under a tropical sunshine, with a glass of icy Belvedere on ice, but here I am eating my prawn curry and rice, in dirty Bombay and counting my blessings.


Rohan in Southhampton is eating English butcher sausages, mash, peas and onions, broccoli and mushrooms with gravy. He does have an eclectic Instagram profile which I reckon will catch your fancy. Take a look here.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-31 at 4.41.20 PM


While my brand new friend in Dhaka, Sajib, who makes some incredible music (despite being a fancy-pants banker and an incorrigible drunk) is lunching on a 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon. The first time I heard his music I had a not-so-secret flurry of euphoria at his ever-so eerie house experimentations. Listen to his music here.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-31 at 4.57.41 PM

Shriyanka curates a Gourmet food platform in Bombay and as a part of her job must eat yummy food for lunch! This is what she ate at an Asian restaurant named Pa Pa Ya, in Bombay. Vegetarian sushi with asparagus and cream cheese.


Katerina Don’s successful diet plan includes Chocolate peanut butter pancakes for lunch. It reminds me of the saccharine oddity of the Finn Family Moomintroll, Tove Jansoon’s 1948 series, in which Moomintroll and his friends Snufkin and Sniff find a hobgoblin’s top hat and go on adventures and say things like – “Someone who eats pancakes and jam can’t be so awfully dangerous. You can talk to him.”


Devika Bing sent me pictures from Venice and London respectively. Rye bread, smoked salmon, lemon, cream cheese, mixed greens at the Hotel Danieli in Venice, Italy. From Wahaca, London, guacamole, tortilla chips, pork tacos, fish tacos, roasted corn, plantain tacos, sweet potato. Apart from being a generous baker, she’s also a deft chef and food rambler, one that I’ve grown to love and admire.

Rahul who makes spectacular travel videos from some of the most handsome and plush places in the world sent me his lunch picture from Sweden. Reindeer meat and veggies! Watch some of his fine travel videos here.


It’s lunchtime somewhere in the world. And if you aren’t eating a cherry pie and drinking icy Belvederes while proceeding to feel self-satisfied and lazy, you aren’t doing lunch right!

What did you eat for lunch? Send me a picture won’t you, on abhikabhik@gmail.com

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