Crafty Coasters

The Internet is a fascinating place; you can buy a bottle of wine, a DIY machine gun, start a Twitter rant and a consumer controversy, listen to a zany playlist, pop bubble wrap and buy designer coasters before your second cup of morning petrol. The www also ensures that you stay in touch with friends creating ugly babies, insipid nationalistic content, abusive movie reviews and designer coasters.


Therefore, when Jasem and Huzefa, at MuseLAB insisted (on the internet) that there is no better way to optimize my wellbeing, than by buying myself four sets of craftily, crafted coasters, I glared into my phone (while on a Sri Lankan beach) and bookmarked these designer coasters (for my Dehradun home). I am of the estimation that we all proactively safeguard our coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, and kitchen tops from stains. Who needs the burden of additional stains after innumerable, indelible stains on our conscience, elevator walls, and sidewalks?


Despite the knots, voids and difference in density due to its grain, MuseLAB has painstakingly fashioned intricate and rigorous patterns on Birch ply. The resultant Lager and Pilsner coloured, lightweight, laser cut coasters, in a box are motivated.


These aubergine goblets must rest atop the nature-themed Veneer coasters.

Shop from – Nicobar

Hario’s copper pour over kettle sporting a spout with a slender gooseneck must rest atop the fantastical Moonstruck coasters.

Shop from – Goop

This vintage vase for short-stemmed flowers must rest atop the timeless mid-century modern Vintage coasters.

Shop from – GoodEarth

Deceptively more stylish than traditional stemware, these hand-blown wine glasses must rest atop the optically illusive Deception coasters.

Shop from – Goop

Buy the coasters on – 

It is also available in Bombay at Filter (Kalaghoda)/ Tranceforme (Lower Parel)/ Bliss (Versova) and The Project Cafe (Ahmedabad)

Product photographs courtesy – Sameer Tawde 

MuseMART created by MuseLAB Design Engine, an architecture and design practice based in Mumbai aims at developing products with style, substance and a story. Here we seek to nurture ideas and give form to our thoughts. MuseLAB is an end-to-end design studio; offering a bespoke and leading-edge approach to design. In 2012, partners Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani founded the studio built upon their shared passion for design. Each space and or product embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill and attention to detail.

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